Assessing social factors in pathological gambling patients

The assessment of social factors, as well as the family relationships of patients with pathological gambling is of great relevance, as this information not only can deepen a correct evaluation of the patient’s current situation, but can also help us identify areas that, from the multidisciplinary care team, need to be addressed together with the person in question. Pathological gambling impacts the social sphere of affected individuals, so identifying areas that are susceptible to be addressed within the functional health patterns of role and relationships, as well as coping and stress tolerance, is very important.

Social skills and coping abilities are of particular relevance in the therapeutic support process. Furthermore, they will be key elements when facing conflicts and communicating needs, making it essential to evaluate them correctly.


Non-substance addicition

Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Hospital, Specialized care, Addiction treatment centers, Community settings



Age range



adolescents, anamnesis, clinical interview, family, holistic, Hospital care, primary care, Social factors, teenagers

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