Assessment, screening, and coordination with Primary Care from School Nursing.

The role of school nursing extends beyond simple administration of basic care; it involves comprehensive assessment, screening, and close collaboration with primary care services. This proactive approach aims to identify potential health problems in the student population and establish effective coordination with healthcare professionals in the community setting.

Assessment in school nursing entails a thorough evaluation of students’ health, addressing both physical and emotional aspects. This process enables the early detection of potential risk signs or specific needs, thus facilitating preventive and personalized intervention. School nursing plays a key role in the early identification of health problems, contributing to the overall well-being of students.

Teaching healthy leisure alternatives emerges as a key preventive strategy in school nursing. By providing students with entertainment options that promote health and well-being, the aim is to deter interest in risky behaviors. This educational aspect contributes to the formation of healthy habits from an early age, thus establishing solid foundations for comprehensive development.

Effective coordination with primary care services completes this comprehensive approach. School nursing serves as a bridge between the school community and healthcare professionals in the local setting, facilitating appropriate referral of identified cases for further specialized follow-up and treatment. This collaboration strengthens the healthcare network for students, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care.



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Community settings



Age range

14 a 18


education, primary care, school, School nursing, youth

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