Discreet questions-based survey about alcohol consumption

The execution of a consumption survey through the incorporation of camouflaged and discreet questions during a clinical interview represents a strategy aimed at subtly identifying cases of consumption that pose health risks. This approach is based on the pressing need to accurately and early detect situations in which the individual is at risk due to their consumption patterns.

The implementation of camouflaged questions within a general questionnaire minimizes the possibility of biased responses or those influenced by external factors. This discreet approach enables the collection of reliable information about the presence of risky consumption, ranging from alcohol consumption to behaviors that may negatively affect the individual’s health.

The ultimate purpose of this advanced survey is to enable the application of specific intervention measures for cases identified as risky consumption



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Hospital care, Specialized care, Addiction treatment centers, Community settings



Age range

18 o +



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