Holistic anamnesis

The anamnesis constitutes a fundamental tool for detecting potential risks associated with alcohol consumption. This comprehensive approach goes beyond simply evaluating individual patterns, expanding to understand the complexity of each individual’s life.

We begin by addressing family history, recognizing its essential role in shaping attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol consumption. We analyze the current family environment, exploring if there is a nuclear family and, if so, whether there are any consumption patterns within this environment. This approach allows us to capture family dynamics that could influence perceptions and practices regarding consumption.

The investigation extends to social connections, examining the presence of consuming friendships. This component is crucial, as the influence of the social environment can play a determining role in decisions related to such consumption. We also explore the individual’s hobbies and interests, as these can act as indicators of potential behavioral patterns.

The location and context of residence are another relevant aspect of our anamnesis. The dynamics of the physical environment can significantly impact opportunities and pressures related to alcohol abuse.

This comprehensive approach does not simply aim to gather information; rather, it aims to uncover potential risk factors. By thoroughly understanding personal history, from family to social circles and daily environment, we are better equipped to identify warning signs and design personalized intervention strategies. Holistic anamnesis thus becomes an essential tool for health promotion and risk prevention.



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Addiction treatment centers, Community settings



Age range

18 o +


Clinical examination, clinical interview, holistic, risk factors, Social factors

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