Carrying out on-site awareness and assessment actions of alcohol consumption in leisure and educational environments frequented by adolescents and young people

This strategy is based on direct interventions and on-site assessment of alcohol consumption in leisure and educational settings frequented by this demographic group.

At the core of this intervention is the desire to increase awareness of the problems associated with alcohol consumption and the risks it entails. A practical approach is adopted, conducting on-site assessments to better understand consumption patterns in specific contexts.

In recreational and educational environments, where the presence of young people is significant, educational activities and talks are implemented to highlight the inherent dangers of alcohol consumption. Additionally, the strategy includes direct assessments of consumption in these places, providing valuable information about specific practices and behaviors.

The main objective is to reach those who use alcohol, providing them with clear and specific information about the associated risks. Messages are incorporated that go beyond mere prohibition, aiming to foster a deep understanding of the potential impacts on physical and mental health, as well as everyday life.



Preventive intervention level



Community settings



Age range

18 a 64


alcohol, awareness, consumption, Leisure, on-site, teenagers, young people

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