Conduct consumption tests and calculate UBEs together with someone who lives with the patient

The implementation of consumption tests is carried out in a standardized manner, using specialized tools and questionnaires. Collaboration with household members is considered crucial, as it provides an additional perspective and contributes to a more comprehensive evaluation. This collaboration may include gathering information about consumption habits, the quantity and frequency of intake, as well as any relevant observations about behavior associated with alcohol consumption.

The assessment extends to calculating Standard Drink Units (SDUs), a recognized measure that facilitates understanding consumption in quantifiable and comparable terms. This approach provides an objective basis for assessing the extent of consumption and allows for comparisons with healthy consumption guidelines.

The process of verifying consumption and its evaluation is conducted with accuracy and sensitivity, ensuring the confidentiality of the information collected. Additionally, efforts are made to establish a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters openness and honesty in communication about alcohol consumption



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Hospital, Specialized care, Community settings



Age range

14 o +


alcohol, alcohol unit, consumption, family, Standard drink, test

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