Education and pedagogical strategies in school, family, and healthcare center.

The deployment of educational programs and pedagogical strategies in school, family, and healthcare settings is configured as a comprehensive initiative for the prevention of risky behaviors. The convergence of these efforts aims to establish a holistic approach that addresses both environmental and individual factors contributing to the development of harmful behaviors related to consumption.

In the school environment, the implementation of prevention-oriented pedagogical strategies emerges as a fundamental tool. These strategies not only focus on conveying information about the risks associated with consumption but also aim to foster skills in making informed decisions and developing resistance to social pressure. Creating an educational environment that promotes critical awareness and individual responsibility forms the basis for empowering young people to make healthy decisions.

Within the family context, education plays a crucial role in the prevention of risky behaviors. The implementation of educational programs targeted at parents and caregivers provides tools for effective communication with adolescents, addressing substance-related issues openly and comprehensively. These programs aim to strengthen family bonds and provide a supportive environment that contributes to the formation of healthy attitudes and behaviors regarding substance use.

Lastly, healthcare centers play an active role in prevention through education and health promotion. Providing accurate information about the risks associated with risky behaviors, as well as developing personalized intervention strategies, are essential components. Collaboration between healthcare professionals and the community reinforces the effectiveness of preventive measures, establishing a comprehensive support network for those at risk



Preventive intervention level



Community settings



Age range

14 a 18


Community, education, educational, family, primary care, youth

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