Explore the use of the internet in adolescents who consume tobacco, alcohol, and/or cannabis

Habits of internet use should be explored in adolescents who consume tobacco, alcohol, and/or cannabis, as literature suggests a relationship between these behaviors and problematic internet use (for which there is still no consensus definition in the literature). We should focus not only on assessing the estimated daily time adolescents spend online but also on the nature of their internet use, paying special attention to consumption of pornographic, violent, and racist content, as well as contacts with strangers or engagement in practices like sexting, cyberbullying, or grooming.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to screen the consumption habits of this population using the AUDIT scale to assess alcohol consumption, the CAST scale for evaluating cannabis use, and the EUPI-a scale for assessing internet use, in order to detect cases requiring health interventions.

The primary objective of this proposal is to detect tobacco, alcohol, and/or cannabis consumption in adolescent populations and identify related problematic internet use.

Regarding the literature reviewed, studies examining the relationship between alcohol, tobacco, and/or cannabis consumption and problematic internet use have utilized the mentioned scales. However, no specific studies have been found on the application of these interventions in the field of clinical nursing.

Bibliography: Juthamanee, S., & Gunawan, J. (2021). Factors related to Internet and game addiction among adolescents: A scoping review. Belitung Nursing Journal, 7(2), 62. Golpe, S., Gómez, P., Braña, T., Varela, J., & Rial, A. (2017). Relación entre el consumo de alcohol y otras drogas y el uso problemático de Internet en adolescentes. Adicciones, 29(4), 268-277.


Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, Non-substance addicition

Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Hospital, Specialized care, Addiction treatment centers, Community settings



Age range

14 a 18


adolescents, alcohol, anamnesis, audit, audit-c, Binge drinking, CAGE, Community, consumption, holistic, Hospital care, patient, primary care, risk factors, school, screening, Social factors, teenagers, test, youth

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