Motivational interview with patients admitted to an acute care ward due to hepatitis or pancreatitis caused by binge drinking.

The implementation of motivational interviews emerges as an essential practice in addressing patients admitted to an acute care unit due to complications associated with excessive alcohol consumption, such as hepatitis or binge drinking-induced pancreatitis. The primary objective of these interviews is to delve into the understanding of the underlying factors of addiction, providing tools that empower the patient in their recovery process.

Patient empowerment is a crucial aspect of this process. Motivational interviewing seeks not only to inform but also to provide practical tools that enable the individual to face change, particularly behavioral change in this case. Informed decision-making and active patient participation in their own treatment plan are encouraged, thus promoting a sense of control and responsibility in the recovery process.

By integrating motivational interviewing as an integral part of clinical management in the acute care unit, the aim is not only to treat the acute manifestations of hepatic and pancreatic complications but also to proactively address the root of the problem, contributing to a more comprehensive and sustainable long-term recovery



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Hospital care, Specialized care, Addiction treatment centers, Community settings



Age range



Binge drinking, empowerment, hepatitis, motivational interview, pancreatitis, patient

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