To screen women coming in for appointments with anxiety, insomnia, and low mood to spot any potential substance use.

The task of probing women seeking medical attention for anxiety, insomnia, and low mood stands as a meticulous and comprehensive process. This approach aims not only to address the obvious symptoms but also to delve into potential contributing factors, such as problematic alcohol consumption.

In the context of mental health consultation, our goal is to conduct a detailed exploration to identify consumption patterns that may be exacerbating or contributing to the present symptoms. Anxiety, insomnia, and low mood can have multifaceted roots, and the detection of problematic alcohol consumption becomes an integral part of our assessment.

We employ specific and sensitive questions to probe women’s relationship with alcohol. This process involves addressing not only the quantity and frequency of consumption but also the motivation behind it and any negative consequences the patient may be experiencing. We recognize the importance of creating a consultation environment that fosters openness and honesty, allowing women to feel comfortable sharing information about their consumption candidly.

Detecting problematic alcohol consumption goes beyond the surface; we aspire to understand the patient’s entire life context. Factors such as social environment, daily stress, and family dynamics are explored to gain a holistic view of the situation



Preventive intervention level



Primary Care, Addiction treatment centers



Age range

50 o +


anxiety, consumption, depression, insomnia, mood, woman

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