Using brief interventions for tobacco users and start further intervention as needed.

Implementing brief interventions could increase the likelihood of someone successfully attempting to quit smoking and extend the period of tobacco abstinence.

These interventions are opportunistic in nature and particularly relevant in primary care and community settings. They typically last between 3 and 10 minutes and should include personalized information tailored to each individual, utilizing previously gathered information from the user, and proposing a change to the patient.

The information provided during the intervention must be accurate and based on updated evidence, delivered in a clear and understandable manner for the person seeking nursing professional assistance. Communication should be empathetic, avoiding blaming the patient.

To develop these brief interventions, we can also rely on the 5 A’s model, which are:

1- Ask: Inquire about the tobacco use of all individuals receiving care.

2- Advise: Encourage cessation if applicable.

3- Assess: Determine the readiness of the smoker for change.

4- Assist: Support the individual in developing a personalized plan to quit smoking.

5- Arrange: Schedule follow-up sessions. The main objective is to encourage tobacco cessation in as many individuals as possible who seek assistance from nursing professionals and to maintain abstinence in those who achieve it.

Brief intervention has solid evidence in our context regarding its ability to improve tobacco consumption, although combining this type of intervention with others such as motivational interviewing yields even better results.

Bibliography: Asociación Profesional de Enfermeras de Ontario (Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, RNAO) (2017). Integrar las intervenciones relacionadas con el consumo de tabaco en la práctica diaria (3a ed.) Toronto, ON: Asociación Profesional de Enfermeras de Ontario (RNAO).

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