Problematic internet and mobile use and School Nursing

In Spain, adolescents are accessing mobile devices at an increasingly early age. Problematic usage has been observed as early as the 8th and 9th grades, highlighting the need to implement prevention strategies through School Nursing services starting in the 7th grade. This proactive approach aims to delay, minimize, or prevent these problematic behaviors in the subsequent years.

It’s important to highlight that there are gender-related differences among young people, with a higher frequency of addictive behaviors related to internet use among girls compared to boys. Therefore, it is necessary to consider gender as a variable when developing nursing interventions for this population.

It is crucial to understand that these problematic behaviors can impact not only the academic performance of the affected individuals but also have consequences in their social and family spheres. The use of digital devices in the new generations is essential and constitutes a significant part of their digital identity. However, it is important to remember that ICTs have a high potential for generating addictive behaviors. Likewise, it is recommended to consider the family as part of the beneficiaries of preventive interventions, thus addressing both the school and family environments.


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