A platform for nursing ideas on preventing and raising awareness about addiction


Previdixcare is a pilot project by the National Federation of Liver Patients and Transplant Patients (FNETH), funded by the National Drugs Plan. It emerged following the implementation of a project to gather proposals for nursing best practices related to the prevention and early detection of alcohol consumption.

This website aims to compile and disseminate these best practices, as well as incorporate other nursing initiatives aimed at prevention and/or awareness of substance and non-substance addictions.

Feel free to explore various proposals directly submitted to FNETH’s technical team by nursing professionals, as well as those collected from international platforms like the Xchange Prevention Registry that may be of interest to nursing practice.

Additionally, if you are a healthcare professional, you can submit your proposals using the following form

You can contact us through this form or by sending an email to prevencion@fneth.org

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